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Comprehensive Wellness​

Nutrition, Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

If you feel that ‘something isn’t right’ in spite of your best efforts, when your Doctor informs you there’s nothing more he can do since your reports are fine, & the basket of supplements are just hurting your pocket, it may be time to turn to Ayurveda. Western paradigms of food, unfortunately influenced by capitalist market forces, have resulted in people losing their intuitive connection with food & nature. We seek answers in the simplicity of the binary question, 'good for me?'. It is not uncommon that my clients' perception of their 'healthy diet' is the precise facilitator of their ailments.

Ayurveda’s understanding of Prakruti will put you on track by helping you understand the right foods & lifestyle for you depending on your constitution, your current health and imbalances, stress, & many other factors in your life.            

Digestion & Gut Health

If you or your child are sensitive to milk or gluten, you join the millions of Americans with Digestive/ Gut health issues. From heartburn to UC, children’s colic to unexplained aches, leaky-gut syndrome to Crohn’s & diabetes,

Ayurveda’s exceptional understanding of the metabolic fire, Agni, helps bring back normalcy and balance.    

Auto Immune

An all pervasive subject in today's society, immune function disequilibrium is an area of major interest in all age groups, more so in young children. The list of auto-immune diseases, comorbidities and syndromes keeps expanding. 

An evegrowing challenge due to a rapidly changing world, how does one sharpen immune system intelligence (so as to prevent disease without the body turning upon itself)?

While the west grapples with this question, Ayurveda’s exceptional take on Ojas’ proffers excellent approaches for auto-immune conditions.

Psycho-somatic (Emotional) Health

Ayurveda is one of the few sciences that gives the key to the mind-body connection. While the West still grapples with the concept, considering the mind to be the brain as the center of cognitive function & separate from the body, Ayurveda has already cracked the code, found the key to the correlation 

The mind is a river of thought, the body the fertile field through which it flows. Contamination of either the water (thought) or of the body (field) may lead to imbalances of the mind 

Ayurveda explains the connection of Prakruti, and the mental states of Sattva, Rajas & Tamas. From fear, insomnia and anxiety, aggression and explosive anger, to depression and loss of desire, each set of emotions corelates to some aspects of your physical body 

Knowing this secret, the mind can be treated through the body, the body through the mind!

Neuro-Musculo-&-Skeletal Health

Usually a challenge starting in the 40’s, neuro-musculo-skeletal challenges may arise at any age, including kids as young as 10. From growing-up pains of teenage years to MS, CFS and Fibromyalgia in later stages of life, Ayurveda does not just suppress the pain but helps eradicate the underlying factors of disease. The treatment of pain in the west is limited to recent concepts of ‘inflammation', but Ayurveda classifies pain into different types based on the involvement of doshas, vaata, pitta, & kapha.

Ayurveda’s comprehensive understanding of Doshas & Dhatus, bodily tissues, enables exceptional results in the management of pain and nerve function.

Anti aging & Restorative

If you’re in your 40’s and have started feeling a decline in your energy levels, your performance, and general zest for life, Ayurveda may not help you regain the time, but does a great job regaining your vitality! 

If you’ve been debilitated recovering from an accident, a bout of pneumonia, or even chemotherapy, Ayurveda can help restore your strength.

Anti-aging & rejuvenation does need a general state of good health, sans major health issues; so it usually follows bringing an initial state of doshic balance, overcoming disease.

Especially effective prior to menopause in women, and men between 40-60, with diminishing returns thereafter.

Ayurveda’s understanding of Tejas, helps extend vitality and youth!

Praanayama Meditation

Success comes through action, but action initiated through unstable thought leads to distress and pain. The one true way to ensure clarity of thought - of Dhi, Dhriti & Smriti Intellect, Perseverance & Memory - is through moment to moment consciousness of self and surrounding. 

Praanayama meditation learnt and practiced the right way brings a new awareness to every action, every moment of your life. Each type of pranayama serves a specific purpose, and not all pranayama are beneficial for all. 


* State of moment-to-moment awareness of self and actions

* Proven reduction in anxiety, recognition of emotions, lifting from depressive 

  moods, understanding & acceptance of self

* Improved metabolism from digestive tract to cellular functions

* Burning of toxins at cellular & emotional level

Yoga - asana

Third of the 8 branches of Patanjali's expansive Ashtanga Yog, Yogasan - often called Yoga in the US - brings exceptional benefits in emotional and physical challenges. While its effects on calming the mind are well known, it works wonders on neurological, musculo-skeletal, and digestive issues. It is, however, important to recognize the beneficial and understand the detrimental postures and methods of Yogasana, especially in states of disease.


* Calms mind and brings emotions in check

* Brings focus and clarity of mind

* Improves neurological functions

* Strengthens & aligns musculo - skeletal system

Chakras & Higher Consciousness

Chakras, often (correctly) correlated to Yoga and meditation, are energies heavily influenced by the physical state of the body and its doshas. While praanayam meditation is the final path of bringing true moment-to-moment consciousness of the chakras, this is often unachievable without the cleansing of the physical & emotional 'aama' (toxins) of the body and mind. Ayurveda, with its comprehensive understanding of subtle connections of physical body (kaaya), mind (manas), metabolic fire (agni), and toxins (aama), facilitates this process to give a 'clean', balanced body, enabling clarity of mind, to find the true purpose of your Soul (Aatman). 


* State of moment-to-moment awareness of self and actions

* Focusing beyond the mundane physical to achieve the spiritual, understanding the Purpose of your LIfe.


My son loves his 'Dr. Zubin' because he's always funny and joyful while speaking to children. 2018 was the first year my son hasn't had an asthma attack in the first quarter.

-Latha Bariki, Dallas, TX

Zubinji is a caring, compassionate person who truly listens and relates to the issues of his patients... I've been on a path of recovery and my (lifelong) eczema is in complete remission…

-Jay G. (23), Denver, CO

I see him more as an integrative person with an astounding knowledge of nutrition, ayurved, allopathy, and homeopathy.

-Pravin Dewan (68), Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Germany

I have not been in a hospital due to Chron's in 3 years... oil treatments were a savior during (those) debilitating attacks of sciatica... His treatment post my meniscus surgery was phenomenal; my pain and swelling disappeared in 3 days, after 2 weeks of ineffective opioids!

-Armando M. (58) Los Angeles

He'd make an even better therapist/ psychologist than an Ayurvedic consultant… If you're looking for someone who truly treats you as an individual and not a statistic, there is no one better than Zubinji.

-Johanna Berkson, Washington D.C.


After nearly 3 decades of suffering with atopic dermatitis... It was the first time that I had ever healed without steroids... Most importantly, I have started dating again with much greater confidence..

-V.J, Los Angeles.


* Testimonials may have subtle changes for spelling or clarity, without changing original intent or meaning. 

** About Yelp testimonials: All testimonials on yelp page are 5-star testimonials. Unfortunately, Yelp seems to fluctuate the showing of these reviews, seemingly based on an algorithm that includes factors such as reviewer’s 'yelping' frequency & location (often making it inconducive to healthcare providers), though it often seems related to advertising dollars from the reviewed.


Empower Yourself with the Knowledge of Ayurveda

As you undertake your journey to being whole again, and rejuvenate yourself to a better state of being,

you will experience subtle aspects of your body and mind that you probably took for granted, or never really knew existed. 

Come... understand yourself and the world around you... with a set of new eyes...

Experience the world through those of the sages, the wise men...

Experience your life through Ayurveda!

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