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Julie B

Encinitas, CA

(Female, 70)

I am deeply indebted to Zubin Billimoria for what he has done for me! In the 4 months I've been seeing Zubinji my blood pressure has gone from unstable & high to normal. After years of sleep deprivation, I now sleep soundly almost every night! I feel physically and mentally stronger. Some things are harder to describe such as the feeling of being "cleaned" with less of a foggy layer surrounding my body/mind. Others are easier such as my cholesterol level -- the LDL-P that is most significant -- going down over 400 points.

Zubin has been a caring, responsive, intuitive Ayurvedic practitioner. He has invested not just his time but his heart and soul in every part of the healing process. I've learned about nutrition from an Ayurvedic standpoint and the importance of living in a more relaxed & joyful way. I'm feeling healthier and happier and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Dr. Joel Warsh

NoHo, CA

Zubin is not just an Ayurvedic Practitioner, he is the true embodyment of a guru. I am an Integrative physician and I am so confident in his skills, that I sent my wife to him for her health concerns. He is kind, friendly and knowledgable. 

Bryan Chen

San Diego, CA

(Male, late 20s)

I've been seeing Zubin for the past 4 months or so regarding some chronic conditions that have plagued me for my entire life and I was quite impressed by the depth of knowledge and understanding that Ayurveda has for my unique constitution.

Some background: I grew up on vitamins and conventional Western medicine. It worked out for the most part when it came to sickness but in my teenage years I started realizing that something was off. I felt that there was something wrong with my constitution - I always had a slight bloating in my belly, cold hands and feet and sometimes my vision would go dark if I got up too quickly, yet my doctor had no explanation other than that I was a healthy young boy. Thus, I spent the next decade or so researching and seeking alternative forms of medicine for some sort of solution. From Chinese medicine, to Balinese healing to acupuncture and reiki, everyone had different opinions and nothing seemed to fundamentally work. Then in 2018 I was exposed to yoga through Sadhguru and my interest in Ayurveda started to grow so I decided to try out Sukham Aayu after reading all of the great yelp reviews here.

During my first consultation, Zubin thoroughly explained the concepts of Ayurveda and his interpretation of my condition and then proceeded to outline the steps for treatment. I was impressed with his professionalism and especially for his knowledge and understanding regarding my condition. It seemed that he truly understood what was happening with my body where the previous doctors I've seen would have just given me an abstract answer such as that my pancreas was weak or that I lacked yang energy. Zubin explained clearly what was happening within me physiologically and energetically, which for the first time in my life made total sense.

He prescribes herbal medicine to take over 2-3 week periods and it seems to be working quite well! Zubin also follows up with you via text messaging and will teach you applicable breathing exercises and yoga practices to assist in your recovery. He also provides extensive information regarding the ideal diet (something I've been seeking for quite some time) and was able to answer the millions of questions I asked him no matter the subject! Zubin is a true doctor and I would highly recommend Sukham Aayu if you face any chronic conditions such as myself.

Natasha Davidson

Costa Mesa, CA

(Female, mid 30s)

I had stomach pains for years and Zubin's protocol made them all go away. And after recommending him to my mom, she is now free of her chronic fatigue and physical pain!

I first met Zubin at a professional mixer of integrative health professionals. As we went deeper into conversation, I referenced my stomach pains that had troubled me for years. His response made it evident that he had not only already noticed my issue, but he knew exactly what needed to be done!

A few weeks later, I saw him for a detailed consultation at his home-office. His place is elegantly designed & decorated, colorful and yet soothing, with a warm welcoming energy that makes you feel grounded. 3 weeks on his herbs, liquids & food recommendations and I noticed a remarkable change in my issues. 3 more weeks and I have been permanently free of the problem for almost a year now!

After experiencing such healing, I took my kids (ages 10 & 12) to get checked for some of their health issues. Needless to say, he was amazing in his handling of the kids. He is friendly and jovial and really knows how to encourage kids to make lifestyle changes on food and more (not an easy task, any parent would say!). More impressive though, was his exceptional insight and observational inferences, and his explanation on what was off balance. All this, without any medical reports, based solely on his pulse and tongue diagnostics. 6 weeks later, my kids were clearly healthier, sleeping better, eating better, and more focused at their studies.

These were minor issues, though, compared to the chronic pain my mom had been suffering for years. We had seen neurologists and diagnoses generally remained non-committal. She was also going through the extreme stress of my Dad's surgery, making things worse. She had been on high doses of neurontin (gabapentin) for a long time.

It was fascinating to watch Zubin work with my Mom. He listened and asked questions and listened again, as my Mom talked about her pain, her life, her inability to go dancing again... for more than an hour. He was kind and funny (my kids were around that day) and gentle. I could also notice the attention to detail he had, his focus on every aspect of my mom's life and health. My mom left the office, impressed and hopeful.

It took some time... but 7 months of intermittent Ayurveda, and my Mom is free of pain! She no longer complains of her chronic fatigue or pain, and has resumed ballroom dancing once a week! It has been such an amazing journey to see her nursed back to such health. We are forever grateful. She continues consulting with Zubin every so often to maintain her health at her age.

I recommend Zubin to anyone who seeks to have optimal health for their whole family.

Blake Roberts,

Portland, OR

(Male, mid 20s)

Friends, you are truly blessed to be visiting this page.

I found Ayurveda in the pursuit of life guidance, physical healing, and spiritual peace. Relentless, I traveled the US in search of the very best Ayurvedic physicians. Let me tell you: "Good" are hard to come by and "Great" are nearly extinct. As a student I've traveled with the physician of a living saint as well as interned with the founder of an Ayurvedic hospital. I started an "Ayurvedic" restaurant, catering business, and even a Ghee project. Although I know next to nothing about the ancient and endless Medicine, (which Zubin jovially reminds me), I have exceptional knowledge of exceptional physicians . . . and He is the best.

I came to Zubin with chronic illness, clinical depression, and existential confusion. I suffered from low appetite, chronic diarrhea, and immobilizing fatigue. My heart was broken. I needed a doctor, a teacher, and a life coach all at once. I got my medicine.

We Westerners require a unique physician. Many of us grew up without good food, supportive routine, and most importantly, strong families. As such, many of us have trouble slowing down, feeling our bodies, trusting our guts, relaxing, and even feeling "happy". As such it is no wonder why we've developed many a gut peculiarity, food allergy, and mystery illness. The antidote, as Ayurveda dictates, is not elimination diets or bizarre food fads, but a return to our homeostatic Nature. Our peace. Our home.

Immediately, Zubin blew me away. I found him via an online Ayurvedic forum. He stood out as the one guy who knew what he was talking about. He does not know this, but I spent cumulative hours boggling over his posts - in them I felt real understanding, art, and craft. I was so impressed that I flew to LA in large part just to see him.

When I saw him, I saw a man who saw everything. Zubin possesses unparalleled understanding of medicine as well as an intuition attuned to the unique emotional trappings of our culture. He saw everything. As such he treated my mind, emotion, body and soul brilliantly and all at once. Foods, herbs, lifestyle, mantra, and no-nonsense advice. The results were great and immediate. In a matter of weeks -- not months -- most of my symptoms dissapeared. I remember one morning texting him, "Sir, I've now had solid stools for over a week. I can't remember the last time this has happened. For this reason and this reason alone you have my eternal thanks". 

Zubin's life story is fascinating and reflects his embodiment of both East and West. He grew up in rural India and then rose to the hills of Los Angeles. Zubin went from sharing one bathroom between two families of eight to operating one of LA's finest alternative health clinics. Adversity and aspiration craft the man, and reflect his capacity to take on any challenge of health and beyond. From what I can see, it seems he has a spontaneous recognition of ailment and personality, and an intuitive Knowing of just each person needs. Best of all, he is wonderful. Zubin's as sweet as he is smart.

Like I said, I've seen the very best... and Zubin helped me when no one else could. He resolved longstanding digestive disorders. He shipped free medicine when it was stolen. And he checked in DAILY, (sometimes twice daily), during the unprecedented COVID19 crisis. He healed me as a doctor, led me as a teacher, and teased me as a friend. He humbled me to how little I knew! And inspired me to seek all that there is left to know. Shall I go on? If he charged $1000 for his first consultation it would be a steal! (Don't worry, he does not). You will leave with an understanding of your true nature - and a pathway home to it.

When people seek out Ayurveda it often marks a profound moment in the journey of the life. It is a hallowed pause of hope and humility. Finally, internal harmony -- not external gain -- is the life's aim. Whether you've suffered the endless pains of Western medicine or simply want to live in a better way, I bless you on your journey friend and leave you in good hands. Feel free to reach out with any questions and curiosities. Do not hesitate! This is your chance!!

Love you, Zubinji!

Cindy P.

Marina del Ray, CA

(Female, late 30s)

I am filled with gratitude for the life changing experience Zubinji has given me. He has helped me through a cathartic transformation for both my physical and emotional health. He's not only an excellent Ayurvedic Practitioner but an amazing counselor, therapist, and teacher too. He is kind, compassionate, extremely knowledgable, but most importantly he is straight forward, understanding, and honest, which I truly appreciate. His vast expertise in Ayurveda allows him to zone right into your problem, he is seriously a true healer!

From the initial phone conversation that we had, Zubinji was kind, patient & a great listener. I felt very comfortable and sent him an email explaining details of my childhood trauma and the challenges that I face in adult life (to sum it up, I've been through the ringer. I grew up an undocumented immigrant in a bad neighborhood in an alcohol/drug fueled home with a ton of domestic violence, I started working at the age of 8, I started raising my siblings at the age of 10, I was kicked out at the age of 16, I've been homeless, I've have had to endure stressful jobs due to my legal status, I have lost a few friends to suicide, etc). All this trauma literally tore my body down. At the age of 28, I lost mobility of my right arm- I was only able to move it 6" apart from my body. I seeked help from various DRs and specialists. I had blood work done, CT scans, MRIs, nerve tests and everyone gave me a different response- some said I was just depressed and prescribed anti depressants, others gave a desultory diagnosis but no one found a solution. I tried yoga, acupuncture, I saw a chiropractor for moths, saw massage therapists every 2 weeks, I saw physical therapists for almost 6 months on 2 separate occasions - but nothing worked. For 4 years I was in an extreme amount of pain, I was depressed, and felt utterly hopeless since no one was able to help.

I called around to get quotes and many 'spa' Ayurvedic centers in the LA area had exorbitant prices insisting I undertake a cleansing process called Panchakarma for 1000s of $. Zubinji's treatments on the other hand have been reasonable and affordable (please note, you really do have to go in for a consultation, Ayurveda is very different than Western medicine - Ayurveda treats the person, not the disease).

On my 1st visit, Zubinji gave me a clear sanskrit diagnosis as well as a western one. He went on to explain why no one was able to pinpoint or help my issue. Within 3 weeks of of following his recommendations & herbs, I felt a huge burden lift of my mind & heart. My pain had subsided significantly. I've been blown away by the depth of his explanations on food & nutrition, much of which would really surprise most! He is so engaged, the time he dedicates to you on each appointment makes you feel like you're his only client of the day. His treatments are intense- I've had 2 of his hot-oil body treatments; (Abiyanga) and Indian acupressure (Murma). They were like nothing I've experienced before - they have slowly unraveled deep layers of emotions I had only experienced w/ plant medicine from the Amazon.

Today, its barely been 3.5 months into Ayurveda & I feel like I've never felt in my life! My arm pain is almost completely gone, I have complete mobility, I feel well balanced emotionally, & I'm enthusiastic about life :)

I am still on my journey but I find myself taking charge without hopelessness or anxiety. I am at a much better place in my relationship with myself and with those around me. It seems surreal - such a transformation in such a short period of time but it is achievable if you are dedicated to the Ayurvedic path and you put the work in. I hope this review helps people with chronic emotional issues and a difficult past seek help and hope.

Dr. Matt DeLeva

Silverlake, CA

Zubin is a wonderful ayurvedic practitioner. He loves what he does and it truly shows in his work. He is full of knowledge of the practice and goes the extra steps to figure out the root of the problem. I have a 2 year old son and like to try natural remedies for things whenever possible. Zubin often helps me with things to make sure my son thrives.

Armando M.

Los Angeles, CA

(Male, late 50s)

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2007. Intensive treatment from GI specialists, various medications (steroids, 6MP, Colasal, Asacol, etc.) hospitalizations, colonoscopies and endoscopies, and I would experience brief periods of relief but I was still suffering with recurrent bouts with significantly varying symptoms each time. Needless to say it was a rough going until 2014. At that time, I decided to explore alternative medicine.

I started seeing Zubinji for Ayurdedic treatment in 2014, and following his protocols. I started experiencing relief from my symptoms but I was not fully committed to them, so progress was slow. However, after a particularly frustrating episode, I decided to fully commit to my Ayurvedic protocol by Zubinji. I am happy to say that I have not been in a hospital due to Crohn's in 3 years and been symptom-free for the last 18 months and I am off allopathic medications for Crohn's disease.

This was, however, not the only miracle of Ayurveda. A decade of Crohn’s had led to weight gains that triggered herniated disk in my L4/L5 and recurrent bouts of Sciatica. Zubinji was there every step of the way, explaining the correlation between all my health problems pointing to a singular underlying cause. Doctors had recommended surgery but I was undecided. Ayurvedic protocol and oil treatments were a savior during those debilitating attacks of sciatica; all of which seems the distant past. I did, in the meantime, undergo surgery for a torn meniscus due to injury. His treatment post my meniscus surgery was phenomenal; my pain and swelling disappeared in 3 days after 2 weeks of ineffective opioids!

Over time, and understanding Ayurvedic principles, I have changed my life for the better. 3 years since being advised to undergo surgery, I am doing just fine without one. Thanks a million!

Johanna Berkson

Washington, D.C

(Female, late 30s)

Zubinji is a uniquely compassionate, empathetic practitioner with a keen ability to actively listen. As someone with a complex physical history, having someone fully understand not only my symptoms, but the effect all of them have had on my life, is something I'll always be grateful for.

I primarily consulted with Zubinji for help with my lifelong severe migraines, originating after several cyanotic episodes and viral infection at birth, and resulting not only in physical pain, but severe anxiety. Though our professional relationship was originated to address the aforementioned, Zubinji treated any challenge I approached him with, with equal eagerness, including giving me as much time as I needed during and following a bout of pneumonia that landed me in the hospital with a lengthy recovery. I wasn't able to Skype or talk much so Zubinji texted and emailed as much as I needed.

Whatever pain I had, Zubinji was there to help support me. And I needed him plenty. He took the time not just to listen and understand my complex health history, but also to explain Ayurveda in detail so I understood why he was making specific recommendations. He also kept things very practical considering my particular lifestyle.

Throughout my experience, I found him to be adept at tuning into my emotions and thought process. I often thought he'd make an even better therapist/ psychologist than an Ayurvedic consultant. He willingly shared his own personal experiences which made things easier because he is so relatable -- when you're with him you know you're not alone and have a champion in your corner.

If you're looking for someone who truly treats you as an individual and not a statistic, there is no one better than Zubinji.

Rounak, C

Redlands, CA

(Male, mid 20s)

I contacted Zubinji as I was interested in rebalancing some of my health issues. To say that I've come out a much healthier man would not be an over-statement.

I was impressed in my very first visit with Zubinji's explanation of my physical health, and insights into my personality traits & emotional framework. I had read about his move from a high-paying corporate job to Ayurveda, and was amazed to find a man brilliant in various fields, with as much depth as his versatility of subjects. From yoga and kundalini to Ayurveda and Indian Vedic religion, meditation and theosophy, not to mention pathologies, nutrition & western medicine, Zubinji's command over his subjects is truly spectacular!

Within just weeks, I found myself managing work situations with much greater calm and poise. Not only had my physical issues cleared out, I was sleeping much better, far more focused through the day, and feeling fully in control of my life. What was interesting was the deep body-mind connection that Zubinji had tweaked so adeptly. He seems to almost predict what each protocol of herbs & liquids should result in, and that's exactly where I'd find myself after each 3 week period.

Growing up, I took Ayurveda much for granted as some old science irrelevant to the modern world. Interactions with Zubinji have completely changed my perspective. His ability to explain complex reasoning in simple ways, and relative to western medicine, has given me a new respect for Indian knowledge and fascinating insights.

The fact that he is not exorbitant like most Ayurveda Centers is an added bonus that eases one's journey of healing.

Highly recommended!

Latha B,

Dallas, TX.

(Mother mid 30s, 

son 10)

Zubinji is an exceptional healer with keen diagnostic capabilities. We consulted him for my son's osteomyelitis and oesinophilic asthma, & eczema and were genuinely surprised as to how much he knows about western medicine along with Ayurved.

His initial observations and explanations were surprisingly insightful. He immediately drew attention to my sons flat feet, & explained his postural misalignments that none of our specialists & pediatricians had even noticed so far! He made detailed recommendations of food and home-based oil treatments for our son, recommended some yogasanas and minute lifestyle changes (like wearing sandals around the house!).

We are from South India, the land of Ayurveda, and we could easily notice Zubinji's mastery of his subject. He took the time to lovingly explain things to my 11-year old son. I'm amazed that with his influence, my 11-year old refrains from pizza/ fast foods/ cokes, and takes his herbs on time. My son loves his 'Dr. Zubin' because he's always funny and joyful while speaking to children.

2018 was the first year my son hasn't had an asthma attack in the first quarter. We continue to work on his health, as we see him getting stronger and less susceptible to bouts of allergies and illness. He has been a savior in the confusing myriad of tests and terminologies of western doctors, and guided us through these past few months with great care, warmth and humour.

Seeing his command over his subject and how well he managed my son, I decided to start treatment under him for some of my chronic health issues including hyperthyroidism, PCOS and other gynecological issues. He patiently explained why some of the commonly done diets were actually not conducive for my health, and guided me by staying in constant touch. In a span of a few months, I am seeing good results - both physical and emotional - overcoming years of low moods (in spite of normal TSH levels), and losing some weight. I am much brighter and feel I'm actually appreciating the good life I have around me.

In this time, Zubinji has chalked out a complete food and nutrition protocol for me and my family. He helped me understand how I can give the best nutrition to everyone based on their individual constitutions while not having to make separate meals for each person.

I'd say he's a traditional ayurvedic healer who acknowledges the modern/ american way of life. If you have family suffering from a chronic health issue, I greatly recommend seeing Zubinji for a consult!

Viral J.

Los Angeles, CA

(Male, mid 40s)

Words cannot express my gratitude for Zubinji's help and how he has changed my life.

After nearly 3 decades of suffering with atopic dermatitis, I had lost hope that things would ever change. It had made life miserable as a child and has been a major problem to socialize since my teens. The usual approach was always steroids and prednisolone. Accupuncture, meditation and reiki had not helped. Then I heard Zubinji speak at a seminar and thought I should consult him during a severe relapse.

I was stunned when he told me seeing my pulse that I had a digestive auto-immune disease; I had not yet mentioned my Crohn's disease which was in remission. I was further impressed when our first consult went for nearly 2 hours, and he gave me detailed food recommendations, often asking me to refrain from many of my usual food items that I always thought were either harmless or actually good for health. Not sure if it was his pills, liquids, & his recommendations, or just my faith in him but my seriously blistered back healed totally by my next appmt in 3 weeks.

It was the first time that I had ever healed without steroids. We continued treatment for nearly 4.5 months, including some weird oil & steam treatments, but its been almost a year and I have had no incident since then. Didn't wanna mess with Crohn's so I was more than happy with just these results.

Of course, I diligently continue with the food and daily regimen. My Crohn's has been in remission too, and I often miss my Crohn's medication. Life suddenly seems so relaxed with so much more time on hand; I can confidently take off my shirt at the gym or a pool without people staring. Most importantly, I have started dating again with much greater confidence and may I say, no hesitation for intimacy.

My life has changed completely and the least I could do was write a few words in appreciation.

Alice S

San Diego, CA

(Female, early 70s)

After months of struggling from an odd skin condition that caused intense itching (bug bite? Root canal? Silicon?) and going to Urgent Care, doctors and several dermatologist visits, I decided to try alternative medicine with Zubinji at Sukham Aayu.

I have had a relatively healthy life with 2 grown children and was suddenly afraid to be around them and their families in case I was contagious. The anxiety from this, the itching, loss of energy, weight, sleep and the uncertainty of a recovery was debilitating and took a toll on my health. Zubin heard me out patiently and respectfully. He asked questions connected to my lifestyle, explained ayurveda and gave insights as to what may have caused this. I do not have silicon implants.

I received detailed write-ups on food, nutrition, breathing exercise techniques to manage my anxiety and sleep better. After all of the above treatments, herbal ayurveda and body smears with oils, I am nearly whole again. I started regaining my strength in the first 3 weeks and it has now been 3 months.

Zubin is a caring, compassionate caregiver and the emotional support he provided was truly comforting. He has been an herbalist, therapist, and guide helping me on the road to recovery. It has been worth driving more than 2 hours one way to get his help. I wish more people took advantage of ayurveda and healers like Zubinji.

Col. Pravin Dewan

Mumbai, India

(Male, early 70s)

I'm a retired veteran, age 68 yrs. Blessed with good health all my life, age is finally catching up. Dr. Zubin has been a huge support in my efforts to get well through natural means. I am well read in Ayurved myself, but Zubinji's knowledge about ayurved vis-a-vis western nutrition & diagnostics, is truly impressive.

I see him more as an integrative person with an astounding knowledge of nutrition, ayurved, allopathy, and homeopathy. I've barely met someone who can get into the details he does, while giving a lucid explanation so easy to understand.

In the last 5 months of treating my hypothyroidism, prostate enlargement, & some digestive issues, I found Dr. Zubin to be thoughtful, detail oriented, and I should add, very insightful. I made tremendous progress in my health within a matter of weeks.

We continue to work on deeper, chronic issues, getting results where my allopathic doctors have shown limited success.

Dr Zubin is a deeply committed and compassionate man, with a burning desire to do good for people in pain.

Pamela Pletsch

Toronto, CA

(Female, mid-50s)

I've consulted ​with Zubinji, or Dr. Z as I call him lovingly, off and on for nearly 3 years now; especially post my panchakarma sessions in India.

A trained Ayurvedic person myself, I realized early on that Ayurveda is far more complicated than is often believed to be in the west; and needs a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and fundamentals that perhaps comes only through an immersion in the culture and languages of India. Dr. Z brings that immersion, education, experience and the exceptional communication skills for the subtle nuances required to individualize ayurvedic medicine for each client. He then seamlessly weaves this Indian wisdom with our western way of life.

I had the good fortune of seeing Dr.Z in action while training in Pune (India) under the renowned Dr. Vasant Lad. His passion and enthusiasm for the subject was palpable; his knowledge and reasoning on every subject impressive. He is exceptionally well read in the field of medicine, especially Ayurveda. Dr. Lad often enquired how he (Dr. Z) knew so much about western medicine while being so adept at Ayurveda. ("Are you an MD or a BAMS?', he often asked).

It wasn't much of a surprise when Dr. Lad laid the formidable responsibility of running his busy clinics on his class favorite 'Zubinji'. We were treated to a remarkable performance in diagnoses, pulse reading and treatment protocols, patient after patient, at a rapid pace that left even the most experienced practitioners in our group impressed. We saw an empathetic listener and a warm counselor, even more so with the poorest and the underpriviledged in the free clinic in Pune. Throughout the program, Dr. Z remained humble, jovial and down-to-earth.

All his proficiency aside, I think what makes him an excellent practitioner is his compassion and his burning desire to alleviate people's pain.

Jay. Gokhale

Denver, CO

(Male, mid 20s)

Zubinji is a caring, compassionate person who truly listens and relates to the issues of his patients. He is also quite witty & conversational for a person in

I first met Zubinji in mid-2016. I had just returned from India after a MRSA infection. I came from Denver to consult with Zubinji solely on my mom's faith in him. I've had life long food allergies (much more than just nuts), and chronic atopic dermatitis (eczema) since I was 3. Needless to say, growing up with both problems had been a major challenge to the point of giving up on any expectation of change.

Zubinji took a thorough history, looked at my various conditions, checked my pulse, and gave me a detailed explanation about my constitution. Interestingly, his first question was whether my Dad has the same problem which was indeed true! I had no prior knowledge of Ayurveda and no knowledge of medicine. Zubinji took my pulse for a long time, then took the time to explain totally foreign concepts in a language I could understand. Interestingly, he was the first person to explain to me that my myriad of allergies were closely connected to my eczema through a common underlying cause of high 'pitta' or fire. He mentioned that the first sign of treatment working would be a reduced sensitivity to my allergic triggers; that I should prepare myself for the long haul of treatments for my eczema since it was so deeply rooted.

He made detailed recommendations on food and lifestyle changes; some of which, I must confess, were completely foreign to me - like, not taking cold showers post my basketball games (which he explained, had close association to my eczema patterns), or not consume certain foods at certain times of the day. Of course, as time went by, I started understanding the essence of what he had tried to convey.

For the first few months I had rigorous full body 'massage-like' treatments with medicated 'ghee' (clarified butter), and more. He starts his treatments with the chanting of mantras that really creates an ambience of peace. Taking the herbs was a bit overwhelming initially, but I persevered since I began seeing other improvements within 2 weeks... I started sleeping much better (nearly 7 hours of deep sleep, from the 4-5 hours of light sleep I did earlier) and waking refreshed... feeling more focused through the day, and... was able to concentrate better on my work and studies.

I had amazing improvement in my acne, the dryness on my palms and feet reduced considerably, my appetite was better, and my back - that was still blistered from my last attack when I started treatment - cleared up completely.

5 months into treatment I unknowingly consumed a big chunk of hazelnut cake, thinking it to be chocolate cake. That would have usually got me hospitalized, but I had no reaction! My allergies have constantly reduced since then, and I have become a lot more resilient to food and surroundings, even though I still refrain from exposure to known allergens.

Zubinji gives an inordinate amount of time for each appointment, encourages questions, and was very considerate of my college schedules to formulate the protocols accordingly.

Moves for college and work interrupted my treatments. Even so, something changed and I've been on a path of recovery and my eczema is in complete remission following just the food and lifestyle recommendations. I'm looking forward to a complete panchakarma with Zubinji this year which, I'm hopeful, will help eradicate it completely.

I'm hoping this review will encourage others to seek help and feel better.

Victoria R

New York, NY

(Female, mid 30s)

I came to Zubin with a bouquet of problems to say the least, and it has been a life-changing experience.

I've battled with digestive issues since I was a teenager. So I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to live a life without constipation. After about 3 months of herbs that he gave me, I was shocked to see an incredible breakthrough. I went to so many holistic practitioners and no one was able to help me with this debilitating problem. So I am forever grateful to Zubin. He also gave a least of foods to avoid and what foods are beneficial for my condition, and I followed his Instructions religiously. I had gynecological problems, such as heavy painful periods and Bartholin's cyst and am glad to say that those were alleviated as well.

Zubin also helped me better my emotional state, and I am capable of keeping my depression and emotions under control after years of going up and down.

He is kind, knowledgeable and professional. I have always believed in plants and herbal remedies and their power, but it takes the right healer to get to the bottom of the issue and set the course to recovery. Forever grateful for feeling so much better.

Tanmay Andhe

Manhattan Beach, CA

(Male, early 30s)

I feel very fortunate to have come across Sukham Aayu and meet Zubin, who is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable people I've ever met and such an amazing Ayurvedic practitioner.

I have been seeing Zubin for last two months and I feel better than ever. My first consultation went on for more than two hours and I was surprised how Zubin could talk about my symptoms and health issues just by reading my pulse.

He starts the consultation with a prayer and takes time to thoroughly study the pulse, makes his notes and is highly attentive to all your health concerns and makes sure that each one of them is addressed.

Being a high pitta individual, I have always had issues with excess body heat. Zubin made it so easy for me to understand the concepts of vaata, pitta and kafa, and hence the reason behind my health issues started to make perfect sense and what could be done in order to resolve these issues.

It is very enlightening for me to learn about such highly evolved science of ayurveda from someone who has a great depth of understanding of these concepts. Zubin made recommendation on food, lifestyle, sleeping habits that I need to change, designed a protocol and helped me fix my dinacharya (daily-routine).

It is very hard to come across such compassionate practitioner who always welcomes questions and makes sure you understand the logical reasoning behind it.

I highly recommend Zubin for anyone who is looking for help with their health concerns.

Rainah O.

Lincoln Heights, CA

(Female, early 20s)

Let me start by saying THANK YOU DR.Z! If anyone has a condition in which they feel hopeless, he will restore your hope!

I contacted Dr. Z for a case of an adamant, recurrent skin condition that had been troubling me for about 6 months. I had consulted Drs and dermatologists, and was tired of using steroidal creams - just a temporary solution suppressing my symptoms but never really getting me well. Unfortunately, it's the only solution they had for me.

So I decided to give Ayurveda a try and what came out of my experience was much more than just my lichen cured - it has changed a lot more for me...

My first apmt was much more detailed than I ever expected and ran about 2 hours. I felt like he really cared about me as a patient, something I have never felt with any other dr. When Zubinji read my pulse, with great focus I may add, I noticed the same expression on his face I've received from multiple nurses and doctors. My pulse usually ran very low, like a 52-54, and it has always confused my doctors. Zubinji was the first person to explain why; he thought this was a bigger constitutional issue than the skin condition. He gave me some herbs and liquids, but most importantly a magical oil that cleared my lichen, something that the steroids only suppressed was literally gone within days!! Ofcourse, he explained, it also needed to be cleaned from the inside by changing the 'body dynamic' as calls it, & removing the underlying cause.

Within 3 weeks, my pulse had come up to 64 - more in line with my 'kapha' constitution, he explained - I started feeling brighter, clearer and more focused in my work. 3 months now and the lichen hasn't surfaced again(other drs said this would follow me throughout my life), and I seem to have embarked on a new journey feeling lighter, brighter and healthier than ever before. I am extremely grateful, Dr. Z!!

Sanghee Chon Davidson,

Brighton, UK

(Female, early 50s)

I met Dr. Zubin during 6 weeks of clinical intensive learning with Dr. Vasant Lad, in Ayurveda in Pune, India, 2015. We were assisting Dr. Lad at his ashram clinic and one in Pune city. We saw clients with illnesses varying from a back ache, skin diseases to acute liver disease, as well as clients wanting to get their Indian astrology chart read by Dr. Lad for a marriage.

That is where I witnessed Dr. Zubin's deep knowledge in Ayurveda and his compassion driven heart, he would not hesitate to help to alleviate the sufferings seen in people due to their illness.

I have remain(ed) in contact with Dr. Zubin since Pune, India in 2014, and I have deep respect for him for his ability, and knowledge, and the pure heart in Ayurveda. I would not hesitate to refer clients to Dr. Zubin.

May E

Chino Hills, CA

(Female, early 30s)

Zubin was suggested by a couple friends who have felt better over the course of working with him, so I decided to have a consultation. I was always interested in Ayurveda but felt it to be extremely rigid and wouldn't work with my lifestyle, even though I felt great using its principles. Zubin debunked all the old myths and I was very impressed with his perspective on Ayurveda and how accessible it is for all.

I went in wanting a few nutritional tips and was blown away with how he was able to notice a few deficiencies that only came up on blood tests (that no doctor mentioned working on). I ended up sharing other concerns I had and he prepared a 40 day protocol for me to follow addressing each of my concerns.

I'm very excited to work with Zubin and see how I feel over the next couple months. Most importantly, I felt extremely comfortable with him, he holds a very safe in space. Not to mention he is a fountain of information, explaining everything very clearly.

In a time when most doctors just want to treat the symptoms, it's a great feeling to cross paths with someone like Zubin who will get to the root of it.

Amaha J.

New York, NY

(Female, early 30s)

I came to Zubin after seeing a western doctor who had given me the advice to take an antibiotic every day for the rest of my life to deal with my bladder pain which she said was normal to have daily. I told Zubin this and he was sad to hear that a doctor told her patient it's normal to have pain. So he gave me 90 minutes of his time to sit and explain my body type and the way Ayurvedic medicine works and what it means and we figured out the root issue of my pain which he gave me very specific herbal treatments for. 

It has been 3 weeks since I saw him last and the pain has gone. I also have much more physical energy and need less sleep. I highly recommend Zubin and I think he can help you to figure out a plan to treat whatever it is that's bothering you!

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