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Consults & Therapies

Ayurvedic Consultation

Initial Consult: 90 mins

Initial consult is a means to understand your health and assess any imbalances from an ayurvedic perspective. I apply various techniques like tongue examination, pulse reading, & other visual evaluation to understand your natural constitution, & the state of your mental and physical health. In conjunction with your current and past life events, your symptoms and health narrative, it allows us - practitioner & client - to understand the root causes & pathogenesis of your imbalances. Clients may bring their medical records to help express themselves and target for specific results; often, the holistic ayurvedic perspective may point to a different plane of discussions.

This consult also initiates you into the world of Ayurveda, and often a life changing journey in your understanding of Self. 

Respectful of your lifestyle choices, we will discuss specific guidelines for food, daily & seasonal regimens, some breathing routines (pranayama), and yoga recommendations You will receive a herbal protocol for 2-3 weeks.  

Follow-up Consult: 45 mins

We re-assess your health and imbalances, we understand how you feel after the initial protocol, and fine tune the protocols for greater efficacy. Clients often have new insights into their health, and discerning questions on their lifestyle changes. 

As we become more familiar, we may delve deeper into your emotional states due to work, aspirations, relationships, and more. 

This may also be the time, if felt necessary, to discuss other therapies within Ayurveda. 


Ayurvedic Therapies

Therapies, usually external, enhance the effects of herbal protocols and expedite the process of regaining good health. Supremely beneficial for Vaata imbalances & selectively applied in Pitta & Kapha cases, these are often done with organically made oils processed with multiple herbs - selected specifically to your state of mind and body. I perform all therapies by hand, in meditation, without the use of automated machines, constantly ensuring correct oil temperatures and client comfort.

  Therapies are also very effective in cases where a client may be hesitant to take herbs internally due to an overwhelming number of western medicines & concerns about adverse interactions.

Sukham Aayu offers the following therapies*, mainly at the Highland Park location.


*Please call for pricing. External therapies may be declined/ cancelled if requested in isolation or found contra-indicated to your condition, heath, or weather on the day of treatment.

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This deeply relaxing procedure involves a continuous stream of herbal oils or herbal concoctions on the forehead and scalp. Believed to influence the pineal gland & thereby the whole body, it creates a peaceful, meditative state of mind. Clearing the mind of clutter, it enabling clarity of thought and action.


•A sense of tranquil calm & better sleep

•Improved clarity and focus to cope with stress & anxiety

•Improved neurological functions

•Enhanced hair and scalp health

•Harmonious body and mind


Abhyanga involves smearing the whole body with warm Ayurvedic Herbal oil selected to your pathology, rhythmically applying it through various ‘Marma’ points of vital energy, with music in the background, I select to your state of mind. It stimulates the skin, the lymphatic and circulatory systems, strengthens muscles & joints, seeping to the deepest recesses of the nervous system. In relevant situations, Abhyanga may help expel troubling emotional waste that may be preventing you on your journey towards love and acceptance.


•Relief from physical stress and mental fatigue

•Preventing premature aging

•Calming the nerves, exceptional benefits in pain management

•Increasing resistance to diseases through improved muscle strength

•Sound sleep & enhanced endurance

Release of old, pent emotions, enabling clarity of thought and action

Kati Basti

From lower back pain, degeneration & Sciatica, to CFS and neurological disorders, Kati (lower back) Basti (pool) is the most effective therapy to gain better control over ‘vaata’ in the body.

Warm herbal oil specific to your condition is gradually pooled on the lower back, several times. A firm rub and hot fomentation given at the end, help extend the effects of the procedure.


* Exceptional pain management of musculo skeletal system

* Effective on nervous system for msculo-skeletal pain management 

* Rejuvenates degenerated spine tissues  

* Often used as an alternative to Abhyanga in some cases where 

   Abhyanga is not possible 

Janu Basti

Specific to the knee joints, considering the wear & tear of this large joint of the body, Janu (knee) Basti simulates Kati Basti on the knee. Exceptionally effective in Cracking knees, Osteo-arthritis, Patellofemoral pain, reduced cartilage, and more...

 Janu Basti makes the knees ‘come alive’.


•Improved knee function and lubrication

•Reduction in pain and discomfort.

Greeva basti

Specific to the cervical & upper thoracic spine, the neck & upper back, Greeva (neck) basti gives exceptional results in acute or chronic neck pain due to postural issues or old injuries like whiplash from car accidents. Also effectively used in some neurological disorders, it helps with pain management in issues like pinched nerves due to disc disease, displaced disc or spinal stenosis.


* Pain management of issues of cervical spine, disc rejuvenation

* Helps neurological issues around upper back and neck.

Pinda Seda

Enabling combinations of herbs to be specifically selected, Pinda (bolus) Sweda (sweating) enables effects similar to simultaneous Abhyanga and fomentation. Herbs tied in fine muslin cloths, dipped in boiling herbal decoctions, rejuvenate the body’s muscle, lymphatic and blood circulation systems to eradicate pain and fight disease. Like Abhyanga, and often more effective, Pinda Sweda brings tangible benefits in neurological disorders.


•Pain management

•Neuro-muscular cleft cleansing

•Muscle relaxation

•Enhanced strength and forbearance

•Enables cleansing of all channels through body


Beneficial for detoxing head and neck region, & sometimes used for mental disturbances of anxiety and depression, Nasya is the administration of selected herbal oil into the nostrils. In preparation, face, head and neck are gently anointed using specific herbal oils, stimulating vital energy points. Massage may be followed with herbal steam in order to increase the blood flow and open head and neck channels.


•Improved condition of sinuses and mucous membranes, calming inflammation or draining mucous.

•Opening nasal and throat passages.

•Enhances smell perception

•Improved emotional stability.

Marma - Emotional Freedom

Ayurveda suggests 108 energy centers, Marma points, of vital importance distributed over the body. The origin of acupressure & acupuncture, and more recently isolated for Emotional Mapping Techniques (EMT), Marma therapy proves to be an essential balancing tool in cases where subtle energy changes are indicated, as in chronic pain, uncontrolled emotions and deep emotional trauma. It may be used as a secondary alternative to Abhyanga


• Brings focus and calm• Enables the release of old pent up emotions that may translate to physical pain

• Enables letting go of past trauma and living in the present
• Applicable to physical ailments, as much as to emotional ones 
• Enables results of Abhyanga, without oils


From looking your best for a wedding to eradicating acne, pimples or smoothening uneven complexion, Ubatan brings a new glow to your face. Specific herbal combinations based on your doshas, are chosen for the Ubatan mix. 


* Helps reduce acne, blemishes, and rashes

* Removes unwanted facial hair

* Renews your confidence and brings a new 'glow' to life.


Often used as an effective therapy for curbing excess body weight, and reducing or ‘shifting’ cellulite, ancient body sculpting, this dry herbal powder treatment entails a specific pattern of rhythmic strokes that stimulate the lymphatic system. In doing so, it also works on lymphatic drainage, improving overall health and removal of toxins. It may occasionally be used in certain skin conditions.


•Helps reduce cellulite

•Helps sculpt body by shifting areas of cellulite

•Improves lymphatic drainage.

•Improves skin conditions 


Empower Yourself with the Knowledge of Ayurveda

As you undertake your journey to being whole again, and rejuvenate yourself to a better state of being,

you will experience subtle aspects of your body and mind that you probably took for granted, or never really knew existed. 

Come... understand yourself and the world around you... with a set of new eyes...

Experience the world through those of the sages, the wise men...

Experience your life through Ayurveda!

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