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Zubinji is a uniquely compassionate, empathetic practitioner with a keen ability to actively listen. As someone with a complex physical history, having someone fully understand not only my symptoms, but the effect all of them have had on my life, is something I'll always be grateful for.

I primarily consulted with Zubinji for help with my lifelong severe migraines, originating after several cyanotic episodes and viral infection at birth, and resulting not only in physical pain, but severe anxiety. Though our professional relationship was originated to address the aforementioned, Zubinji treated any challenge I approached him with, with equal eagerness, including giving me as much time as I needed during and following a bout of pneumonia that landed me in the hospital with a lengthy recovery. I wasn't able to Skype or talk much so Zubinji texted and emailed as much as I needed. 

Whatever pain I had, Zubinji was there to help support me. And I needed him plenty. He took the time not just to listen and understand my complex health history, but also to explain Ayurveda in detail so I understood why he was making specific recommendations. He also kept things very practical considering my particular lifestyle. 

Throughout my experience, I found him to be adept at tuning into my emotions and thought process. I often thought he'd make an even better therapist/ psychologist than an Ayurvedic consultant. He willingly shared his own personal experiences which made things easier because he is so relatable -- when you're with him you know you're not alone and have a champion in your corner.

If you're looking for someone who truly treats you as an individual and not a statistic, there is no one better than Zubinji.

Johanna Berkson, 

Washington, D.C

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2007. Intensive treatment from GI specialists, various medications (steroids, 6MP, Colasal, Asacol, etc.) hospitalizations, colonoscopies and endoscopies, and I would experience brief periods of relief but I was still suffering with recurrent bouts with significantly varying symptoms each time. Needless to say it was a rough going until 2014. At that time, I decided to explore alternative medicine. 

I started seeing Zubinji for Ayurdedic treatment in 2014, and following his protocols. I started experiencing relief from my symptoms but I was not fully committed to them, so progress was slow. However, after a particularly frustrating episode, I decided to fully commit to my Ayurvedic protocol by Zubinji. I am happy to say that I have not been in a hospital due to Crohn's in 3 years and been symptom-free for the last 18 months and I am off allopathic medications for Crohn's disease.

This was, however, not the only miracle of Ayurveda. A decade of Crohn’s had led to weight gains that triggered herniated disk in my L4/L5 and recurrent bouts of Sciatica. Zubinji was there every step of the way, explaining the correlation between all my health problems pointing to a singular underlying cause. Doctors had recommended surgery but I was undecided. Ayurvedic protocol and oil treatments were a savior during those debilitating attacks of sciatica; all of which seems the distant past. I did, in the meantime, undergo surgery for a torn meniscus due to injury. His treatment post my meniscus surgery was phenomenal; my pain and swelling disappeared in 3 days after 2 weeks of ineffective opioids!

Over time, and understanding Ayurvedic principles, I have changed my life for the better. 3 years since being advised to undergo surgery, I am doing just fine without one. Thanks a million!

Armando M.

Los Angeles, CA

I've consulted ​with Zubinji, or Dr. Z as I call him lovingly, off and on for nearly 3 years now; especially post my panchakarma sessions in India.

A trained Ayurvedic person myself, I realized early on that Ayurveda is far more complicated than is often believed to be in the west; and needs a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and fundamentals that perhaps comes only through an immersion in the culture and languages of India. Dr. Z brings that immersion, education, experience and the exceptional communication skills for the subtle nuances required to individualize ayurvedic medicine for each client. He then seamlessly weaves this Indian wisdom with our western way of life.


I had the good fortune of seeing Dr.Z in action while training in Pune (India) under the renowned Dr. Vasant Lad. His passion and enthusiasm for the subject was palpable; his knowledge and reasoning on every subject impressive. He is exceptionally well read in the field of medicine, especially Ayurveda. Dr. Lad often enquired how he (Dr. Z) knew so much about western medicine while being so adept at Ayurveda. ("Are you an MD or a BAMS?', he often asked).

 It wasn't much of a surprise when Dr. Lad laid the formidable responsibility of running his busy clinics on his class favorite 'Zubinji'. We were treated to a remarkable performance in diagnoses, pulse reading and treatment protocols, patient after patient, at a rapid pace that left even the most experienced practitioners in our group impressed. We saw an empathetic listener and a warm counselor, even more so with the poorest and the underpriviledged in the free clinic in Pune. Throughout the program, Dr. Z remained humble, jovial and down-to-earth.

All his proficiency aside, I think what makes him an excellent practitioner is his compassion and his burning desire to alleviate people's pain.

Pamela Pletsch

Toronto, CA


I'm a retired veteran, age 68 yrs. Blessed with good health all my life, age is finally catching up. Dr. Zubin has been a huge support in my efforts to get well through natural means. I am well read in Ayurved myself, but Zubinji's knowledge about ayurved vis-a-vis western nutrition & diagnostics, is truly impressive.

I see him more as an integrative person with an astounding knowledge of nutrition, ayurved, allopathy, and homeopathy. I've barely met someone who can get into the details he does, while giving a lucid explanation so easy to understand.

In the last 5 months of treating my hypothyroidism, prostate enlargement, & some digestive issues, I found Dr. Zubin to be thoughtful, detail oriented, and I should add, very insightful. I made tremendous progress in my health within a matter of weeks. 

We continue to work on deeper, chronic issues, getting results where my allopathic doctors have shown limited success.

Dr Zubin is a deeply committed and compassionate man, with a burning desire to do good for people in pain.

Col. Pravin Dewan

Mumbai, India

Zubinji is a caring, compassionate person who truly listens and relates to the issues of his patients. He is also quite witty & conversational for a person in

I first met Zubinji in mid-2016. I had just returned from India after a MRSA infection. I came from Denver to consult with Zubinji solely on my mom's faith in him. I've had life long food allergies (much more than just nuts), and chronic atopic dermatitis (eczema) since I was 3. Needless to say, growing up with both problems had been a major challenge to the point of giving up on any expectation of change.

Zubinji took a thorough history, looked at my various conditions, checked my pulse, and gave me a detailed explanation about my constitution. Interestingly, his first question was whether my Dad has the same problem which was indeed true! I had no prior knowledge of Ayurveda and no knowledge of medicine. Zubinji took my pulse for a long time, then took the time to explain totally foreign concepts in a language I could understand. Interestingly, he was the first person to explain to me that my myriad of allergies were closely connected to my eczema through a common underlying cause of high 'pitta' or fire. He mentioned that the first sign of treatment working would be a reduced sensitivity to my allergic triggers; that I should prepare myself for the long haul of treatments for my eczema since it was so deeply rooted. 

He made detailed recommendations on food and lifestyle changes; some of which, I must confess, were completely foreign to me - like, not taking cold showers post my basketball games (which he explained, had close association to my eczema patterns), or not consume certain foods at certain times of the day. Of course, as time went by, I started understanding the essence of what he had tried to convey.


For the first few months I had rigorous full body 'massage-like' treatments with medicated 'ghee' (clarified butter), and more. He starts his treatments with the chanting of mantras that really creates an ambience of peace. Taking the herbs was a bit overwhelming initially, but I persevered since I began seeing other improvements within 2 weeks... I started sleeping much better (nearly 7 hours of deep sleep, from the 4-5 hours of light sleep I did earlier) and waking refreshed... feeling more focused through the day, and... was able to concentrate better on my work and studies.

I had amazing improvement in my acne, the dryness on my palms and feet reduced considerably, my appetite was better, and my back - that was still blistered from my last attack when I started treatment - cleared up completely. 

5 months into treatment I unknowingly consumed a big chunk of hazelnut cake, thinking it to be chocolate cake. That would have usually got me hospitalized, but I had no reaction! My allergies have constantly reduced since then, and I have become a lot more resilient to food and surroundings, even though I still refrain from exposure to known allergens.

Zubinji gives an inordinate amount of time for each appointment, encourages questions, and was very considerate of my college schedules to formulate the protocols accordingly. 

Moves for college and work interrupted my treatments. Even so, something changed and I've been on a path of recovery and my eczema is in complete remission following just the food and lifestyle recommendations. I'm looking forward to a complete panchakarma with Zubinji this year which, I'm hopeful, will help eradicate it completely. 

I'm hoping this review will encourage others to seek help and feel better.

Jay. Gokhale

West Hollywood, CA

I met Dr. Zubin during 6 weeks of clinical intensive learning with Dr. Vasant Lad, in Ayurveda in Pune, India, 2015. We were assisting Dr. Lad at his ashram clinic and one in Pune city. We saw clients with illnesses varying from a back ache, skin diseases to acute liver disease, as well as clients wanting to get their Indian astrology chart read by Dr. Lad for a marriage. 

That is where I witnessed Dr. Zubin's deep knowledge in Ayurveda and his compassion driven heart, he would not hesitate to help to alleviate the sufferings seen in people due to their illness. 

I have remain in contact with Dr. Zubin since Pune, India in 2014, and I have deep respect for him for his ability, and knowledge, and the pure heart in Ayurveda. I would not hesitate to refer clients to Dr. Zubin.

Sanghee Chon Davidson, 

Brighton, UK


Zubinji is an exceptional healer with keen diagnostic capabilities. We consulted him for my son's osteomyelitis and oesinophilic asthma, & eczema and were genuinely surprised as to how much he knows about western medicine along with Ayurved. 

His initial observations and explanations were surprisingly insightful.

He immediately drew attention to my sons flat feet, & explained his postural misalignments that none of our specialists & pediatricians had even noticed so far! He made detailed recommendations of food and home-based oil treatments for our son, recommended some yogasanas and minute lifestyle changes (like wearing sandals around the house!).


We are from South India, the land of Ayurveda, and we could easily notice Zubinji's mastery of his subject.

He took the time to lovingly explain things to my 11-year old son. I'm amazed that with his influence, my 11-year old refrains from pizza/ fast foods/ cokes, and takes his herbs on time. My son loves his 'Dr. Zubin' because he's always funny and joyful while speaking to children. 

2018 was the first year my son hasn't had an asthma attack in the first quarter. We continue to work on his health, as we see him getting stronger and less susceptible to bouts of allergies and illness.

He has been a savior in the confusing myriad of tests and terminologies of western doctors, and guided us through these past few months with great care, warmth and humour. 


Latha & Anil Bariki,

Dallas, TX.

Words cannot express my gratitude for Zubinji's help and how he has changed my life. 

After nearly 3 decades of suffering with atopic dermatitis, I had lost hope that things would ever change. It had made life miserable as a child and has been a major problem to socialize since my teens. The usual approach was always steroids and prednisolone. Accupuncture, meditation and reiki had not helped. Then I heard Zubinji speak at a seminar and thought I should consult him during a severe relapse. 

I was stunned when he told me seeing my pulse that I had a digestive auto-immune disease; I had not yet mentioned my Crohn's disease which was in remission. I was further impressed when our first consult went for nearly 2 hours, and he gave me detailed food recommendations, often asking me to refrain from many of my usual food items that I always thought were either harmless or actually good for health. Not sure if it was his pills, liquids, & his recommendations, or just my faith in him but my seriously blistered back healed totally by my next appmt in 3 weeks. 

It was the first time that I had ever healed without steroids. We continued treatment for nearly 4.5 months, including some weird oil & steam treatments, but its been almost a year and I have had no incident since then. Didn't wanna mess with Crohn's so I was more than happy with just these results. 

Of course, I diligently continue with the food and daily regimen. My Crohn's has been in remission too, and I often miss my Crohn's medication. Life suddenly seems so relaxed with so much more time on hand; I can confidently take off my shirt at the gym or a pool without people staring. Most importantly, I have started dating again with much greater confidence and may I say, no hesitation for intimacy. 

My life has changed completely and the least I could do was write a few words in appreciation.

Viral J.

Los Angeles, CA


Seeing his command over his subject and how well he managed my son, I decided to start treatment under him for some of my chronic health issues including hyperthyroidism, PCOS and other gynecological issues. He patiently explained why some of the commonly done diets were actually not conducive for my health, and guided me by staying in constant touch. In a span of a few months, I am seeing good results - both physical and emotional - overcoming years of depression and low moods (in spite of normal TSH levels), and losing some weight. I am much brighter and feel I'm actually appreciating the good life I have around me.

In this time, Zubinji has chalked out a complete food and nutrition protocol for me and my family. He helped me understand how I can give the best nutrition to everyone based on their individual constitutions while not having to make separate meals for each person. 

I'd say he's a traditional ayurvedic healer who acknowledges the modern/ american way of life. If you have family suffering from a chronic health issue, I greatly recommend seeing Zubinji for a consult!

contd... Latha & Anil Bariki, 

Dallas, TX

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