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'...Dharmaartha Kaama Mokshaanaam Arogyam Mulam Uttamum...' 

Excellent Health is the foundation for the four pillars of Life -

Dharma, Artha, Kaama, Moksha... 

Purpose, Success, Desire, Enlightenment

- Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthaanam 1-15

Sukham Aayu bridges the east-west paradigms of health, diagnostics, & therapeutics, promoting a Blissful Long Life, with the science of



a science that has withstood the test of time for 7000 years. 

It encourages rebalancing the body through optimal food and lifestyle to fight disease and offer a long, healthy life of 'Sukha' (bliss) to fulfill the 

4 'Purushaartha', the 4 bastions of life -

Purpose, Success, Desire, & Enlightenment  

Zubin is in the upper crust of Ayurveda Practi​tioners in the West…

            - Vaidya Dr. Shree Abhijit Jinde (BAMS, MD - Vachaspati - Kayachikitsa), Pune, India

His foundational knowledge is impressive, his reading of the classics substantial, and his understanding of pathologies from the eastern and western paradigms of medicine is excellent… 

      -Dr. Mahesh Sabade (Hon. Ayurved Physician to Governor of Maharashtra, India)

He is, by far, one of the better western practitioners I have seen in my 2 decades of (practicing) Ayurveda in the West...

                                                 -Dr. P. Jayagopal, Chair, Dept of Ayurveda, AUCM (CA)

He displays an intuitive understanding of Ayurveda that is rare without lifelong immersion in the subject… He knows much about western medicines and diagnostics...

                                             -Dr. M. Vinjamury, MD (Kayachikitsa) Bangalore, India

We were treated to a remarkable performance …. that left even the most experienced practitioners impressed. We saw an empathetic listener and a warm counselor, even more so with the poorest and the under-privileged in the free clinic in Pune.

-Pam Pletsch, Ontario, Canada 

That is where I witnessed (Dr.) Zubin's deep knowledge in Ayurveda and his compassion driven heart, he would not hesitate to help to alleviate sufferings seen in people... 

-Sanghee Chon-Davidson, UK


Empower Yourself with the Knowledge of Ayurveda

As you undertake your journey to being whole again, and rejuvenate yourself to a better state of being,

you will experience subtle aspects of your body and mind that you probably took for granted, or never really knew existed. 

Come... understand yourself and the world around you... with a set of new eyes...

experience the world through those of the sages, the wise men...

Experience your life through Ayurveda!

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